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Our Story

In medieval Japan, the samurai who lost their masters were expected to end their lives, in a ritual suicide. Some did not accept their fate. They became shadows of the samurai. They became wanderers. They became RONIN.

Just like those warriors, we, at Ronin Whisky Co., followed our hearts and our passion for whisky to create a company entirely independent and dedicated to the art of single cask whisky.

Our sacred mission is to pursue the finest whisk(e)y casks in the world. Casks that reflect our love and passion for the “water of life”. We aim to revolutionize whisky and tear down the boundaries of the norms. Our values could be nothing less than curiosity, integrity and honesty.

The name “Ronin” symbolizes our journey, our wanderings in the world of whisky, and the joy of creating and sharing products we genuinely love. Our philosophy is simple: Provide whisky enthusiasts with the opportunity to discover and enjoy unique, delicious, mouth-watering whisky and urge them to share their findings with their beloved.

Ronin Whisky Co. is about ruthless casks that lead to dark and mysterious paths with no final destination, just provoking the thirst for the unknown. Ronin Whisky Co. is about single cask whiskies that have no boundaries. Whiskies that fulfill our thirst for indulging drams.

From whisky drinkers, for whisky drinkers.

Our Team

Ioannis Fountos

Co-Founder | Operations & Finance Manager

Teo Spiropoulos

Co-Founder | Sales & Imports Manager

Manolis Mathioudakis

Co-Founder | Marketing Manager